FOGO ISLAND: Tourists will  profit  from the  Black Sand  beaches

Fogo is the most volcanically active of all the islands in the Cape Verde, its majestic steaming peak rises from the ocean floor and calls out to be climbed! The highlights of a visit to Fogo include the world heritage town of S√£o Filipe, with its lovely cobbled streets, colourful colonial houses and pretty squares and the slopes of Mt Fogo do Pico with its dramatic landscape, small farms, forests, coffee plantations and orchards.

However, the greatest spectacle of all and a sight not to be missed when visiting Cape Verde is the great crater of Chã das Caldeiras with its black volcanic moonscape, monstrously contorted lava flows and great Peak of Fogo (2829m)!  Within the majestic walls of the crater two small villages exist by growing grapes, producing wine and tending to small gardens where a surprising range of exotic fruits grow in the rich volcanic ash.

Vulc√£o do Fogo
Fogo Island
Cape Verde Islands



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